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Hallo, my name is Philip Böhm. I’m originally from Germany, and I am playing badminton already for over 20 years now. I arrived in Chicago in October 2017 and I am doing here an internship and write my master thesis until the beginning of April 2018. For continuing playing badminton here, I found this wonderful opportunity of the Chicago Badminton Happy Hour.

I started to play badminton already in 1997 and have continued to play since then. Throughout my badminton “career”, I played in the youth and adult team of my club and in various tournaments and matches. Since the beginning, I was playing in the same small club in the South of Germany, called KSG Gerlingen Badminton.

Badminton in Germany

Compared to the US, most sports clubs are organized by the cities in Germany. The gym is therefore shared with other kinds of sports throughout the whole week. As an annual membership I therefore got access to the badminton practices and coaching.  We had badminton practice twice a week. The practice consisted of one-hour training and then afterward of single or double sessions. Within the training session, we practiced a lot on our condition, footwork and hits. Usually we started with footwork and ended with match practices.

compared to USA, most badminton clubs are organized and sponsored by the cities in Germany

During the weekends we usually had tournaments or matches against other teams. The league contained a total of eight teams. Each team was arranged to play matches against other teams circularly twice per season. Each match consists of eight games (2 men doubles, 1-woman double, 1 mixed, 3 men single, 1 woman single). I played men double and single in most of the games, and sometimes I also played the mixed. Overall, I preferred single tough. I have been staying with the team for a couple years. It is fun to team with them and we all enjoyed our times in badminton.


Germany Badminton Club Score Card, source:

I will go back to Germany in the near future, and I will surely continue to play with my old friends. The experience I have in Chicago Badminton Happy Hours will become one of my best memories. I will miss everyone here!

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Keep the good work going Philip! We will miss you

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    The best player!! We had a lot fun in Chicago Badminton Happy Hour!!

  • Great story of cross cultural badmington awareness : )

    • Anonymous
      8 months ago

      totally! do you have any interesting story to share as well?

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Can we chat on email? or maybe you have instagram? Your story so interesting and i wanna know more deeply lol.

    Please, message me on email:


    Follow me on instagram @ajormp

    Thank you,

    Best regards
    Riki Madi Putra

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