Summer Badminton Training Drill

BADMINTON TRAINING TIME – 30 mins duration, start by 6:15pm every Tuesday at the West Loop Happy Hour

TRAINING FORMAT– Brief explanation and demo of technique, followed by step by step guide for you to build the proper form and position. We will then practice the skills by doing some drills so that you can practices in specific scenarios.

SIGN UP – This is an exclusive offer to the participants of the West Loop Happy Hour event. First come first serve and max 15 people per training. Click here to sign up and reserve your spots.

SCHEDULE & TOPICS – see the 10-week schedule below, click each topic to see more details

Footwork is the most fundamental skill in badminton, It’s even more important than smashing! This is because proper footwork provides speed and agility which enables the player to move around the badminton court swiftly and return every shots.The idea is to quickly move to take the shuttle and then quickly return to your base.

The forehand serve, is predominantly used in singles. We will cover the short and long version of the forehand serve.

The backhand serve is predominantly used in doubles. We will cover the short and long version of the backhand serve.

Overhead Clears are the most common technique used to move your opponent to the backcourt. The forehand clear is one of the most used shots in badminton. Mastering the overhead clear will increase you overall badminton skill tremendously.

There is only ONE main objective of playing this shot: bring you opponent to the net to open up the backcourt. This skill is NEVER about power, it’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL!

The net lift is simply a deep high shot played from the front of the court. It’s very important that you’re able to perform a good lift because if you don’t send the shuttle to the very back of the court, your opponent will have the chance to do a smash from the middle of the court!

Play a good drop will make you look like a Pro. Badminton drop shots are delicate badminton shots that can win you points outright if executed well with deception.

The winning technique! The overhead smash is similar to the action of overhead clear, except that the contact point with the shuttle is further in front of your body than the clear. The feeling of being able to smash powerfully and kill off a point is really great. But try not not tire yourself out unnecessarily, as the badminton smash requires a lot of energy.

To win your double games, learn this! Drive shots are shots that crosses the net flatly in a horizontal trajectory. The drive is an attacking shot that widely used in doubles to keep the shuttle low.

Unlike single matches, doubles have faster pace and more rally. It’s important for you and your partner to switch between defensive formation and attacking formation. Rule No.1, never do a high lift or clear unless you really have to.

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  • Will there be another training session starting in the fall? Thanks.

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