Chicago Happy Hour Tournament



We will play in team matches (men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles), and you can either build your own team (4-6 players) or join somebody’s team. We do round robin first and then single elimination. 3 matches are guaranteed for each team.

Scroll down to see the full schedule and game rules.


1st & 2nd & 3rd places:  $120/ $80/ $50 value team-building package; all other participants will receive a special GIFT.


$120 per Team (4-6 players) or $30 per Individual Participant (we will help you join a team)

Free birdies/shuttlshock, rental racquet and water will be provided.


Need help to join a team? Having questions about the game rules? Please email



In this tournament, we will promote friendship, teamwork, team strategy, and above all unity among all player levels. We will play matches among teams, each team has 4-6 players that form in 3 pairs (women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles). We do round robin first and then single elimination. 3 matches are guaranteed for each team (that’s more than 20 games, yes we want you to enjoy as many games as possible).

  • Each team match has 3 sets, women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles, and we do best 2 of 3. For example, if a team already win the women’s doubles and men’s doubles, then there is no need to do the mix doubles.
  • Each set has 3 games, best 2 of 3,  11 points.
  • Each team will have a team captain, the captains will determine the roster upon each match and also submit the score sheets after each match.
  • We will do round robin first within 2 brackets (A & B); after the round robin we will have a ranking, the 1st ranked team in A bracket will play against the 1st team in B bracket for the final championship. Accordingly, the Xth team from bracket A will play off Xth team in bracket B to determine the final ranking 3rd, 4th and ….
  • In terms of round robin ranking, we will look at the number of net winning matches first, if there is a tie then go further and look at number of net winning sets and then number of game until we have a rank.

Signup deadline is March 20th (by Tuesday midnight). If you have any question, free feel to email

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